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the whole set food grade 12v electric pumping wine pump купить по лучшей цене

12V DC Brush Mini Submersible Motor Water Pump DC submersible pump is mainly for washing pump, washing machine pump, garden fountain, rockery water pump, shower pump, no soil cultivation pump. Specification: Size: 10.8x4cm(HxW) / 4.25"x1.57" Rated voltage: 12V Working voltage 6-15V Rated current: 1.2A Pumping head : 5M / 196.85" Maximum flow: 840L/H Water temperature: -20~60 / -4~140 Environment humidity: 45%-90% Notice: 1.The temperature of the water cannot be over 40 2.the Brown cable connects the Positive Pole "+" 3.the Blue cable connects Negative Pole "-" 4.the Yellow cable is GND, don't need to connect. Please use it on 6V-15V, otherwise the Water Pump will be burning-out. Package Include: 1 x DC Submersible Pump
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