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timothy jury cash flow analysis and forecasting the definitive guide to understanding and using published cash flow data купить по лучшей цене

The software provided with this book, which requires a personal computer equipped with a recent version of Microsoft Excel®, contains extensive templates that will allow you to prepare a personal financial plan, including interrelated cash flow and net worth statements, for your entire lifetime. The plan can be modified at any time to reflect your changing financial circumstances and is perfect for modeling "what if" situations to see the impact of such as major decisions as changing jobs, getting married or divorced, having children, financial readiness for retirement and other critical lifetime decisions. Multiple plans can be developed, as many as desired, for yourself and for other members of your family. The book is devoted to a line-by-line explanation of how to use the Excel® templates for your own personal plan as well as explaining the details behind a fully developed sample plan. It also outlines some essential principles for achieving financial success. By using this book andthe templates to develop your financial plan, you can readily see the big picture of your total financial situation and the small picture of its individual components so positive adjustments can be made. You will see where you are now, and where you are headed every year into the future for as far out as you wish to plan. Never before has the need for a thoughtful lifetime financial plan been greater. (read the author’s "Preface" to the book by clicking on "read an excerpt" to find out why). Using Excel®, this book and the CD/ROM software with it, such a plan is within your grasp. The tools are here to begin the journey of developing your path to lifetime financial success.
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