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trustfire high rate discharge 3 7v 950mah 5c lithium ion 14650 batteries red orange 2 pcs купить по лучшей цене

The TrustFire LiFeS2 2900mAh lithium AA battery specially designed to work well in all high drain applications. The LiFeS2 battery is excellent performance in digital cameras CD players remote control vehicles metal detectors flashlights PDAs and etc. The 2900mAh lithium AA battery is the best replacement for the devices using 1.5V AA batteries. - Super high discharge current excellent for digital cameras hi-tech electronics and LED flashlights - Tons of extra power compared to Alkaline batteries - 2900mAh rated capacity at 500mA discharge rate - Cut-off voltage: 0.8V - Maximum discharge current: 2000mA . Please note : these are primary batteries (disposables) so please do not recharge them.
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