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The Fleece Balaclava is dedicated to protecting your face, ears and neck, head, which is ideal for motorcycle, cyclists, skiing, fishing, hiking and for winter use. Keep Your Head & Neck & Face Warm Designed to keep your head & neck & face warm in cold weather. Premium and Soft Fleece Material Inside Comes with powerful warm-keeping effect and comfort as well as elasticity. Ventilation Design Comes with breather holes, breathable and comfortable. Many Colors to Choose You can choose the best one which can fit for your dressings. Specifications Name Windproof Winter Face Mask Type Winter Face Mask Material Polyester, Fleece Gender Unisex Product Size 23 x 38.5cm (W x H) Package Weight 200g Package Size 15 x 12 x 10cm (L x W x H) Package Contents 1 x Windproof Winter Face Mask
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