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usb docking station charger with usb data charging cable for htc g12 s510e desire s black купить по лучшей цене

Retractable car charger is the most convenient way to charge your cell phone in the car which features a rapid retract wire that coils up inside the charger and out of your way. Retract the cable with the easy to use button located on the top of the charger. Just press down to retract the full length of the cable. This cell phone charger keeps your HTC HD2 / Nexus one / Desire powered up and eliminates wire tangles and mess. In additional to it extra Micro USB cable is included could be use it as external power ideal kit for you. - Comes with a Micro USB data cable - Build-in intelligent IC chip automatically turn off and never overcharge your phone - Free from overheating and prolong battery lifespan - Voltage: 12~24V - Works with any phones with Micro USB port
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