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vga to hdmi hd video converter w usb cable black white купить по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Qty 1 Color Black + white Material Aluminum housing Interface Type HDMI to VGA + SPDIF signal Application Converts one channel high definition signal into one channel VGA + SPDIF signal or one channel of YPbPr + SPDIF signal Other Features Supports HDMI 1.2a video input; Supports SPDIF audio output; Compatible with HDMI 1.2 protocol; Supports CEC1; With LED working indicator; VGA or Component output: maximum support UXGA and 1080P (60 Hz); Audio Output: Optical; HDMI resolution: up to 1280x1024 in the same format signal input; Maximum transfer rate: 51Gbps; Input video signal; 05 ~ 15Volts p-p; Output DDC signal: 5Volts p-p (TTL); Maximum working current: 600mA; Power Specifications: Input AC (50Hz 60Hz) 100V-240V; Output DC 5V/08A; Operating Temperature Range: (-15 to +55'C); Operating humidity range: to 90% RH (No Condensation); Interface: Power Interface / HDMI / Pr / Pb / Y / VGA / L / R / SPDIF Packing List 1 x Converter 1 x 2-flat-pin plug power charger (100~240V / 120cm) 1 x Chinese / English user manual
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