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The main reason why the Catholic Church continues to exclude women from the priesthood is that Jesus chose only men as his apostles. The author argues that the culture, custom and law of the Jews at that time, did not allow women to speak in public, exercise any public function, or leadership role. These were precisely what Jesus sent his apostles to do. That was why he chose only men to be his apostles. If he had included women among them he would have violated not only Jewish culture and custom of that time, but a Jewish law as well, which forbade women to speak in public, exercise public function or leadership role. So he could not have included women. But times have changed, the status of women has improved now, especially in Modern times. women now exercise public functions, the professions, including the priesthood in some Churches, play leadership roles along with their male counterparts everywhere. If Jesus had lived in our time he would have included women among his apostles because the culture and law that forbade women to exercise public function at that time no longer exist. The Catholic Church will eventually change and ordain women priests. It is a matter of time

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