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wild life or adventures on the frontier a tale of the early days of the texas republic купить по лучшей цене

Revision with unchanged content. The argument of reparations on behalf of African-Americans based on slavery continues well into the 21st Century here in America. Can a gross miscarriage of injustice in 1906 sway the arguments for compensatory damages become valid based on racism? The case of the all-black 25th Infantry of the United States Army in the Brownsville Affair is perhaps one of the most egregious events in American history. On the night of August 13, 1906, a group of anonymous men went on a shooting rampage throughout the town of Brownsville, Texas, leaving one person dead and another wounded. There had been hostilities between black soldiers and white civilians prior to the shootings; therefore, it did not take long for local authorities to assume the collective guilt of black soldiers. Without an adequate investigation or a full hearing, President Roosevelt bowed to public pressure and issued dishonorable discharges to all members of the 25th who were stationed in Brownsville. Following their immediate discharge from the United States Army in December 1906, many of these soldiers were refused civilian employment due to their military status. This book is a reexamination of the Brownsville affair and its aftermath and seeks to make a case for restitution on behalf of the dischar­ged soldiers and their families.

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