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1. It is used for picking up unreachable things without rising upward or bowing. Free from bending steeping which is appropriate for old person. 2. Foldable easy for storing. 3. It can pick up goods weighing 2kg in all kinds or of any material. 4. Designed with rubber sucker in the front convenient for fetching. 5. Specially designed for the lock push the lock to "off" the clip can be in the clamping state. 6. Bearing rod is of high quality alloy and wrench of high quality engineering plastic. 7. Conform to natural state of hand grip easy to operate safe and reliable; It can pick up the things of 2kg novel beautiful bearing rod of good alloy handle and front chuck of high quality engineering plastic 82cm-length 0.6~0.8mm telescopic steel of good quality high strength and great grasping power.
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