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“Don’t look so surprised,” she reached up and removed the wig her blonde hair tumbling out over her shoulders. “Go on take a close look; remember now, eighteen months I waited. You put my Eric away for ten years. You still don’t remember do you, well he died last month heart attack inside couldn’t take the pressure. Before you ask, no there is no money I set you up and you took the bait. There’s an old saying you should have done well to remember, Look before you leap.” “Wait I can,” before he could finish the sentence there was a loud explosion and seconds later a bullet buried itself into his right eye. From curiosity killed the cat to practice makes perfect. Here are tales of werewolves and Serial killers deadly twins and vampires from a chance encounter on a train to hitch hiking on a lonely highway. Here you will meet a revenge seeking clown and share an appointment from hell Thirteen short stories of madness and murder. Introducing well known sayings with a twist.
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